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PVC Membership Card

PVC Membership Card

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Durable and visually appealing, plastic membership cards offer a prideful representation for your members. Custom Plastic Cards specializes in crafting high-quality and stylish plastic cards that endure over time, available in a variety of shapes and sizes tailored to your specific needs.

Our approachable sales and support team collaborates closely with you, providing expert guidance to surpass both your expectations and those of your members. An impeccably designed and superior-quality membership card serves as a highly effective means to impress and motivate your members to proudly showcase it to potential new members.

For a premium club, only a top-notch membership card will suffice. Choose the design and functional excellence offered by Custom Plastic Cards and elevate the representation of your esteemed club.

Size: 86mm x 54mm

Thickness: 750 ~ 790 Microns

Customisation Options: 

Finish: Glossy or Matte
Embossing: Gold or Silver
Magentic Stripe
QR Code or Barcode
Signature Panel
Scratch Off Panel

Membership Cards are generally used by Supermarkets, Restaurants, Clubs, Saloons, Shopping Centers and many more

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